The Inventory Procedure

The Inventory Clerk Association (ICA) aims to provide a service for either in-house or independent inventory providers by offering a recognised standard of inventory provision, guidance, provision of advice and opportunities for professional development.

An inventory report is an inseparable part of the contract between a landlord and tenant. It should provide an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the start of a tenancy and be checked again for differences at the end.

The inventory procedure consists of four reports that an Inventory Clerk can conduct, these consist of the Inventory, the Check-in, the Check-out and the Interim/Mid-term reports.

The Inventory

The Inventory along with a Schedule of Condition (description of the overall condition ) will aid the landlord in keeping a correct & up-to-date record of there property.

The Check-in is used to check the tenants into their new property at the beginning of a tenancy. The inventory clerk goes through the inventory report with the tenant and notes down any amendments or areas of concern the tenant may have. The inventory clerk will also inform the tenant of their obligations with regard to the check-out procedure.

The Check-out will compare the inventory report and/or check-in report with its present condition. It is important for the tenant to be present to agree or disagree with the original inventory and/or check-in report. Should the tenant not attend the check out, then the inventory clerk's assessment is final.

This report is a summary of the condition and cleanliness of a property during the tenants lease. This usually occurs midway through the lease. It is attended by the tenant and the inventory clerk. This report will inform the landlord of any problems within the property and any repairs that need to be done.

ICA independent inventory clerks provide a reliable and vital service in the property letting industry. Their expertise provides letting agents and landlords with comprehensive inventory documentation.